Protection against bubonic and pneumonic plague with a single dose microencapsulated sub-unit vaccine

Elvin, S.J., Eyles, J.E., Howard, K.A., Ravichandran, E., Somavarapu, S., Alpar, H.O. and Williamson, E.D. (2006) Protection against bubonic and pneumonic plague with a single dose microencapsulated sub-unit vaccine. Vaccine, 24 . pp. 4433-4439. 10.1016/j.vaccine.2005.12.016.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2005.12.016


Protection against virulent plague challenge by the parenteral and aerosol routes was afforded by a single administration of microencapsulated Caf1 and LcrV antigens from Yersinia pestis in BALB/c mice. Recombinant Caf1 and LcrV were individually encapsulated in polymeric microspheres, to the surface of which additional antigen was adsorbed. The microspheres containing either Caf1 or LcrV were blended and used to immunise mice on a single occasion, by either the intra-nasal or intra-muscular route. Both routes of immunisation induced systemic and local immune responses, with high levels of serum IgG being developed in response to both vaccine antigens. In Elispot assays, secretion of cytokines by spleen and draining lymph node cells was demonstrated, revealing activation of both Th1 and Th2 associated cytokines; and spleen cells from animals immunised by either route were found to proliferate in vitro in response to both vaccine antigens. Virulent challenge experiments demonstrated that non-invasive immunisation by intra-nasal instillation can provide strong systemic and local immune responses and protect against high level challenge. Microencapsulation of these vaccine antigens has the added advantage that controlled release of the antigens occurs in vivo, so that protective immunity can be induced after only a single immunising dose.

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