Development and validation of a questionnaire for the assessment of quality of life in asthma patients

Grant, P., Neville, E., Lord, K., Portlock, J. and Brown, D.T. (1996) Development and validation of a questionnaire for the assessment of quality of life in asthma patients. Journal of Applied Therapeutics, 1 (2). pp. 121-136.

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The aim of this study was to develop a questionnaire which could be used routinely in a hospital chest clinic to measure quality of life in asthma patients. The questionnaire needed to be capable of rapid administration, providing an overall quality of life score that was simple to calculate and easy to interpret. An interviewer - administered, 20 item questionnaire with Likert scale responses was designed to assess health - related quality of life in five different life dimensions: physical activities, role activities, emotions, social activities and health perceptions. The questionnaire was administered to 35 hospital asthma patients, 35 community asthma patients and 69 healthy individuals from the general population. The questionnaire was easy to administer taking an average of 5 minutes to complete. Good correlation of the physical activity score with physiological measures and physicians' estimate of asthma severity was found. Internal consistency for the questionnaire was demonstrated by a high value for Cronbach's alpha (alpha = 0.94 for 139 subjects) and by statistically significant dimension- total correlations (p << 1%). The control group established a calibration profile of typical quality of life scores from the general population. The mean quality of life score for the control group was 84.37% compared with 81.99% for mild asthmatics, 67.22% for moderate asthmatics and 40.80% for severe asthmatics. For British Thoracic Society (BTS) Step Levels 1 to 5, the scores were: 82.64%, 75.60%, 63.38%, 47.29% and 41.43%, respectively. In conclusion, the questionnaire shows good discrimination between patients with differing disease severity as judged subjectively, or objectively by BTS Step Level, and provides an interpretable measure of quality of life for individual patients. Grant, P., Neville, E., Lord, K., Portlock, J., Brown, D.T.

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