New strategies for polymer development in pharmaceutical science–a short review

Godwin, A., Bolina, K., Clochard, M., Dinand, E., Rankin, S., Simic, S. and Brocchini, S. (2001) New strategies for polymer development in pharmaceutical science–a short review. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 53 (9). pp. 1175-1184. 10.1211/0022357011776612.

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DOI: 10.1211/0022357011776612


We are developing synthetic polymers for pharmaceutical and medical applications. These applications can be broadly grouped on how the polymer will be utilized e.g. material, excipient or molecule. Our focus is to develop polymers with more defined structures that are based on biological, physicochemical and/or materials criteria. Strategies are being developed to more efficiently optimize structure-property correlations during preclinical development. We describe two examples of our research on pharmaceutical polymer development: narrow molecular weight distribution (MWD) homopolymeric precursors which can be functionalized to give families of narrow MWD homo- and co-polymers, and hydrolytically degradable polymers.

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