Anti-adhesive glycoproteins in echinoderm mucus secretions

Bavington, C.D., Lever, R., Mulloy, B., Grundy, M.M., Page, C.P., Richardson, N.V. and McKenzie, J.D. (2004) Anti-adhesive glycoproteins in echinoderm mucus secretions. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 139 (4). pp. 607-617. 10.1016/j.cbpc.2004.07.008.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.cbpc.2004.07.008


Marine invertebrates produce a large variety of mucussecretions which are rich in glycoproteins. As part of our studies of natural antifouling mechanisms, mucussecretions from the starfish Marthasterias glacialis and Porania pulvillus and the brittlestar Ophiocomina nigra have been used to characterise the structure and function of some of the glycoproteins present in these secretions. Mucus was collected from all three species and fractionated by size exclusion chromatography. A high molecular weight glycoprotein fraction was collected from each species. Monosaccharide analysis and FTIR demonstrated a composition consistent with a mucin-type glycoprotein. The mucin from M. glacialis and O. nigra inhibited in vitro bacterial adhesion in a dose-dependent manner. In contrast, the mucin from P. pulvillus promoted bacterial adhesion in a dose-dependent manner. All of the mucins inhibited the adhesion of human neutrophils to cultured human vascular endothelial cells (HUVECs) and had no anticoagulant activity. The mucins described here have adhesion-regulating functions that may have a role in the antifouling or feeding mechanisms of the organisms that produce them. These mucins may also be of therapeutic value through their ability to regulate human neutrophil adhesion or bacterial adhesion.

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