Formulation and characterisation of zein microspheres as delivery vehicles

Hurtado-Lopez, P. and Murdan, S. (2005) Formulation and characterisation of zein microspheres as delivery vehicles. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 15 (4). pp. 267-272.

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Abstract Aim: The aim was to determine whether zein microspheres can act as vaccine adjuvants, i.e., increase the immune responses to co-administered immunogens. Methodology: Ovalbumin (model antigen)-loaded zein microspheres, blank zein microspheres and ovalbumin solution were intramuscularly administered to mice and the sera antibody levels were determined by ELISA. Another group of mice was orally dosed with blank zein microspheres, and serum and faecal antibody levels were determined. Results: As expected, negligible antibody titres were obtained with the ovalbumin solution. Surprisingly, intramuscular administrations of blank zein microspheres elicited high levels of serum IgG which bound to the ovalbumin antigen coated on ELISA microtitre plates. This indicated that anti-zein antibodies had been elicited by blank zein microspheres and that these antibodies were cross-reacting with ovalbumin antigen coated onto ELISA plates. Such cross-reactivity inhibited the determination of the adjuvant activity of zein microspheres, if any. Additional ELISA assays, where zein was used as the coating antigen, confirmed the generation of anti-zein antibodies by blank zein microspheres, i.e. zein microspheres were immunogenic following intramuscular administration. Upon oral administration of blank zein microspheres, serum IgG levels remained low but intestinal IgA levels increased following booster doses i.e. systemic tolerance, but not mucosal tolerance, to oral zein particles was achieved. Conclusion: Zein microspheres are immunogenic when administered intramuscularly and orally.

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