About the Repository

Eprints are electronic copies of academic papers. Eprints can be "pre-prints" (the version of a paper submitted for peer review) or "post-prints" (the final peer reviewed version, which has been accepted for publishing) or similar material such as book chapters, conference papers, working papers, technical reports and so on.

The repository has a simple interface for the deposit of full-text papers and incorporates facilities for retrieval by browsing or searching. Information about the content of the repository will also be "harvested" by international Open Archiving services such as OAIster.

The repository is intended to complement the traditional academic publishing process. Pharmacy researchers should still submit their papers to journals for publication; however, where possible, they should also submit a copy to the eprint repository, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible .

The advantages of using Pharmacy Eprints:

  • Wider access to research papers

    Eprint repositories allow free access to research papers, which ensures that the potential audience for the papers is much wider.

  • Enhanced research impact

    Wider access often leads to an increase in citations as papers in eprint repositories are freely available for other researchers to consult and cite.

  • Cross-searching

    As most eprint repositories use a common set of standards, the contents of eprint servers around the world can be searched simultaneously by using the OAI (Open Archives Initiative) protocol. Pharmacy Eprints is cross-searchable using these standards. You can cross-search OAI archives using services such as OAIster. Standard search engines such as Google also index eprint repositories.

  • A showcase for Pharmacy research

    The School of Pharmacy research papers are published in a huge number of different journals. Pharmacy Eprints will bring together in one place the research carried out by the School’s researchers.

  • Safer storage

    Your paper may already be online on another website but unless you control the site, you cannot guarantee that it will be available in the future: sites may change servers, journals may cease publication, or websites may simply disappear. By depositing an additional copy in Pharmacy Eprints, you can create an extra point of access to your paper.

The School of Pharmacy is a member of Sherpa Leap - the London Eprints Access Project http://www.sherpa-leap.ac.uk/

Repository policies

For details of the policies associated with this repository please see the repository policies page.

Contact information

Any correspondence concerning this repository should be sent to library@pharmacy.ac.uk.