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Drewe, W.C., Nanjunda, R., Gunaratnam, M., Beltran, M., Parkinson, G.N., Reszka, A.P., Wilson, W.D. and Neidle, S. (2008) Rational design of substituted diarylureas: a scaffold for binding to G-quadruplex motifs. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 51 (24). pp. 7751-7767. 10.1021/jm801245v.

Zagotto, G., Sissi, C., Lucatello, L., Pivetta, C., Cadamuro, S.A., Fox, K.R., Neidle, S. and Palumbo, M. (2008) Aminoacyl-anthraquinone conjugates as telomerase inhibitors: synthesis, biophysical and biological evaluation. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 51 (18). pp. 5566-5574. 10.1021/jm800160v.

Aiello, S., Wells, G., Stone, E.L., Kadri, H., Bazzi, R., Bell, D.R., Stevens, M.F.G., Matthews, C.S., Bradshaw, T.D. and Westwell, A.D. (2008) Synthesis and Biological Properties of Benzothiazole, Benzoxazole, and Chromen-4-one Analogues of the Potent Antitumor Agent 2-(3,4-Dimethoxyphenyl)-5-fluorobenzothiazole (PMX 610, NSC 721648)(1). Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 51 (16). p. 5135. 10.1021/jm800418z.

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