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Gong, L., Viboonkiat, R., Rehman, I.U., Buckton, G. and Darr, J.A. (2005) Formation and characterization of porous indomethacin-PVP coprecipitates prepared using solvent-free supercritical fluid processing. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 94 (12). pp. 2583-2590. 10.1002/jps.20474.

Barriocanal, L., Taylor, K.M.G. and Buckton, G. (2005) Bilayer to micelle transition of DMPC and alcohol ethoxylate surfactants as studied by isoperibol calorimetry. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 94 (8). pp. 1747-1755. 10.1002/jps.20390.

Chilcott, R.P., Barai, N., Beezer, A.E., Brain, S.I., Brown, M.B., Bunge, A.L., Burgess, S.E., Cross, S., Dalton, C.H., Dias, M., Farinha, A., Finnin, B.C., Gallagher, S.J., Green, D.M., Gunt, H., Gwyther, R.L., Heard, C.M., Jarvis, C.A., Kamiyama, F., Kasting, G.B., Ley, E.E., Lim, S.T., McNaughton, G.S., Morris, A.C., Nazemi, M.H., Pellett, M.A., Du Plessis, J., Quan, Y.S., Raghavan, S.L., Roberts, M.S., Romonchuk, W., Roper, C.S., Schenk, D., Simonsen, L., Simpson, A., Traversa, B.D., Trottet, L., Watkinson, A.C., Wilkinson, S.C., Williams, F.M., Yamamoto, A. and Hadgraft, J. (2005) Inter- and intra-laboratory variation of in vitro diffusion cell measurements: an international multi-centre study using quasi-standardised methods and materials. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 94 . pp. 632-638. 10.1002/jps.20229.

Bayele, H.K., Sakthivel, T., O'donell, M., Pasi, K.J., Wilderspin, A.F., Lee, C.A., Toth, I. and Florence, A.T. (2004) Versatile peptide dendrimers for nucleic acid delivery. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 94 (2). pp. 446-457. 10.1002/jps.20230.

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